Saturday, August 8, 2009

Update on SLCC09

We are sorry to tell all of you that we will not be able to attend the SLCC09. We so looked forward to seeing all our SL friends in RL and making some new friends!

As many of you know we had to cancel last year's road trip to attend SLCC08 in Tampa due to Garth's pancreatic cancer diagnosis on August 7th. We had to forgo our month's foray across the U.S. to start his tests and subsequent treatments.

Garth's focus has been to get to the SLCC this year and his wish was almost fulfilled. The roadtrip that I posted just a few days ago was changed to flying from Orange County to San Franciso. And the hotel changed to the St. Francis to make it easier on both of us to be able to get to our rooms for rest.

He had a set back last Sunday and we have had to cancel the travel plans.

Garth is saddened that he may never see his SL friends in RL again.

Garth FairChang/Mike Higgins and Pituca FairChang/Toni Escobar


  1. I am very sorry to hear that Garth has a set back. I pray for you both and hope things get better.

    Leiah Jewell (Lillian Petterson)

  2. sorry to hear this my thoughts and prayers are with you both


  3. I'm sorry to hear that Garth has had a set back!! and hope and pray for both of you.

    SPYRO Riggles

  4. If you sawme now you would not belive the change

    Thank you all for the prayers


  5. Sorry to hear of your setback. You were both dearly missed. But in the true spirit of SLer's we celebrated our memories of our friendships so you were both their in our thoughts. I have given a certain Flea your goody bags to get to you both. You are in my heart and in my prayers always.

    <3 Misty Rhodes