Saturday, April 3, 2010

Regions Are in Place

The Regions are all in place now.  Dee Linden hitched up the Linden mules and dragged everything in place early this morning... Hahah  Thanks Dee for all of your wonderful help.

She sent me this e-mail:

I have completed your island move request.  Please allow the map up to 24 hours to update it's new location.  You can get to it before the map finds it by specifying the island's name as your "Start Location" on the login screen (if you do not have this option, go into Preferences and it's on the General tab).  You may also reach it via any adjacent regions on it's borders that have not moved.
For additional information and future reference, I am also including a helpful link to our Knowledge Base article about Estate and Private Region Moving and Renaming.

Harry FairChang will be going around checking the stitching together of the repositioned regions and fixing any that need it.  Ray Weyland has also volunteered to join the 'Public Works' group to help.

If you have any questions please IM me or e-mail me at

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shifting Some Regions

As you may have heard I found it necessary relocate some residents and get rid of three of our regions,  FairChang Paraiso,  FairChang Palma and FairChang Village.  I moved Garth's Church and his Memorial to the Community Park in Lido.  Our home is now on the north side of our Lighthouse Store in FairChang Calypso SW.

The Lindens will be shifting some of our regions one to the west to plug the holes in our mini-continent of FairChang.  I hope it might happen tomorrow.  I worked hard over how best to shift the regions to make everyone happy.

I am putting up two maps showing FairChang as it is now:
 edit! -  I just now realized that I forgot to delete FairChang Palma,  it went off grid on the 25th of March.

And after the move:

The regions in red are the ones to be shifted.

If you have any questions please IM me or write