Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hayati’s Arabians

Come shopping at FairChang! Today I am highlighting the FairChang Wharf sim and the Arabian Horse Ranch of Hayati Osumi.
Hayati's Horse Ranch in Wharf 02
Just tport directly to Hayati's Arabian Horses & Ranch LTD
Hayati's Horse Ranch in Wharf 03
Hayati has Horses and Bundles for sale. She accepts unwanted horses for a fee and will find new adoptive homes for them. She also offers Stud Service on your land for a fee.
Hayati's Horse Ranch in Wharf
Future home of 'Hope For Horses Foundation'.

Check out the available land for sale in FairChang Wharf.  A grassy commercial region with roads to enjoy.  There are parcels from 2048m2 to 4096m2 available with a price range of US$16 or L$4,500 monthly to US$27 or L$7,500 monthly. 
The first month’s tier is included in the purchase price,  Monthly tier may be paid in US$ via PayPal or in L$ at one of our ATMs
Great access to our vast 41 region waterways. Enjoy the wonderful life on FairChang.
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If you have any questions please IM Pituca FairChang or e-mail me at

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