Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On Turning Eight

I joined, signed up to Second Life eight years ago today!  Born Pituca Chang.  Hard to believe but true.  So many wonderful friends and I have seen so many wonderful creations.
I would also like to say Happy Eighth Rez Day to those I share this day with, Cristiano Midnight, Maggie Miller, Chibi Chang and especially to Fleabite Beach (that wonderful kitty who was my Maid of Honor in our SL and our RL wedding).
I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of our freebie store.  Garth and I put all the content we made up for L$0 in early 2008.  ‘Only The Best Will Do’.  It is old but not shabby!  Garth was prolific with all kinds of vehicles from morphing vehicles to bicycles.  His scripting is peerless.  He always said he wasn’t good at textures, but they are simple and clean.  And the best running ones around. 
His birds still soar over Second Life homes, so come pick up one for your place if you don’t yet have one!
Here are some shots of our Lighthouse Store in FairChang Calypso SW:
Lighthouse Store
The Pirate Ship, Liner, Houseboat and other boats are available for L$0 in the moorings around the Lighthouse Store.
Boxes with boats, yachts, cars, planes, helicopters and vehicles for Tinys.  All for free
Odds and Ends
Odd and ends, my wishing well, pots, door textures.
Birds and Houses
The houses Garth and I made.  But most important the wonderful birds. Crow, Robin, Batty, Hawk and the wonderful Seagull.  Put them out and they will wander randomly over your land.
Plants and Textures
Pituca’s Plants and Texture Boxes.  One box contains the textures of tiles from my RL Home.
The Followers
The famous Followers.  The Fairy, The Bat, The Angel and the Devil.  Come pick one up for L$0.Gift Boxes
On the second story of the Lighthouse Store are all of my Scripted Gift Boxes.  A true collaboration of Garth and Pituca.
Remember FairChang Islands is a wonderful sailing community made up of over 40 connected regions.  Check the listings on http://fairchang.com for tropical parcels and a handful of grassy regions with roads for your cars and motorcycles.  We don’t allow ban lines so it is a wonderful place to bring your plane or balloon.


  1. Happy 8th (8TH???!!! *faints*) rezzday Pituca... from a happy Fairchang resident who uses the distance staff a LOT :))