Friday, June 17, 2011

Tropical Jewels of 1024m2

We have a number of tropical islands of 1024m2.  The monthly tier is US$9 monthly payable through PayPal or pay in L$ at one of our ATMs.  Monthly tier in L$ is approx L$2,500*

FairChang Del Sol 9

TPort to FairChang Del Sol 9 and buy for only L$2,500 and that will include your first month’s tier. It comes landscaped and with a home,  keep and enjoy or just return and put up your own.

There are three 1024m2 islands currently available on FairChang Mirador.

FairChang Mirador 2

Tport to FairChang Mirador 2FairChang Mirador 4 or FairChang Mirador 11 and pick up one for L$2,500 and that includes the first month’s tier.

FairChang Cabos

The beautiful region of FairChang Cabos has one 1024m2 parcel available,  tport to FairChang Cabos 13 to purchase land in this unique region that is only attached to FairChang Islands on the west side.

FairChang Kumori

FairChang Kumori has one 1024m2 available, tport over to FairChang Kumori 11 and take a look.  It comes with it’s own baathouse and boat for your use, or just return and put up your own home.

FairChang Riberas 19

FairChang Riberas has several 1024m2 available, tport over and see FairChang Riberas 13, FairChang Riberas 14, FairChang Riberas 19 and FairChang Riberas 18

Great access to our vast 41 region waterways. Enjoy the wonderful life on FairChang.

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If you have any questions please IM Pituca FairChang or e-mail me at

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*today’s quote is 252.4023 which equals a payment of L$2,358.  Our ATMs are scripted to calculate the exchange when you pay.

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