Friday, July 15, 2011

Homestead Heaven

FairChang Paragua 1 SLX
We have a number of Homestead Regions available.  Two, FairChang Sirena and FairChang Paragua, are available for US$105 monthly tier, or approx L$28,950 monthly depending on LindeX exchange.  That works out to L$6680 weekly,  compare that to other Estates offers!
All tiers are payable in US$ via PayPal or in L$ at one of our ATMs.
Just tport over to one of these Homestead islands and buy for L$30,000 and that includes the first month’s tier.  You will be made Estate Manager and you are welcome to enjoy the landscaping and home we have put up or just return it and put up your own. You are also welcome to reterraform keeping it according to the Covenant.
FairChang Islands includes 41 connected regions with waterways for your boating pleasure,  there are also 6 regions with roads so you can use your car or bike!
FairChang Sirena 1 SLX                   +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
We also have Homesteads with three or four islands,  wonderful opportunity to live surrounded by water for your swimming or sailing pleasure..
We have available FairChang Neptuno 2FairChang Neptuno 3, FairChang Mar 1, FairChang Mar 2, FairChang Ria 1 and FairChang Ria 3. Just tport over and buy one of these fabulous islands.  Remember the purchase price includes the first month’s tier.  No hidden costs.
Prices range from US$30 (approx L$8,000 depending on LindeX quote) to US$25 monthly (approx. L$6,900 depending on LindeX quote)
FairChang Neptuno 2 SLX
FairChang Mar 1

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