Friday, December 11, 2009


FREE LAND!! Come see FairChang Paraiso 1, a parcel with 12,288m2 and has 2812 prims available. Just right click and 'buy' for the first month's tier of L$18,900.

FairChang Paraiso is a lovely sim dotted with single prim tropical style islands. We have 8 islands of varying size available at the moment. Each island has easy access to a vast waterway for your's and your guests boating pleasure.

Free land and easy to acquire! No need to IM anyone, just right click on the land and choose 'Buy' from the pie. That is your first month's tier. And of course it is covered by our seven day return policy.

No hidden costs.

When you buy the parcel, the For Sale sign will send you a notecard on how to pay tiers and then delete itself. Paying tier is easy and can be paid in L$ at one of our three ATMs or paid in US$ via PayPal at our website. Remember that our system can take around 30 minuets to automatically register you as the new owner. Please visit for more details.

Also available in FairChang Paraiso are:

FairChang Paraiso 12 (show above) is a 4096m2 island with 936 prims and only L$7,500 tier monthly. (Or US$27)

FairChang Paraiso 3 is a 6144m2 island with 1406 prims to enjoy and a monthly tier of L$10,600. (Or US$38)

FairChang Paraiso 5, FairChang Paraiso 7, FairChang Paraiso 8, FairChang Paraiso 10 and FairChang Paraiso 11 are all tropical islands of 4096m2 and have 936 prim allowance. They each cost L$7,000 monthly tier (Or US$27)

Any questions? Just IM me Pituca FairChang or send me an e-mail at


  1. nice blog, few months back i joined in sl ,

    now i change my operating system to windows 7 , now sl is not installing in my computer

    do i need graphic card for installing this game ,

  2. Hi naveen! I am glad you like our Blog. Yes you do need a graphic card and a good one as Second Life uses a lot of heavy graphics. Please go to this site for a list of system requirements..