Friday, September 10, 2010

Coralino and Sirena

Come and see the revamped FairChang Coralino and FairChang Sirena regions.

We created four tropical islands in these Homestead regions.  Each island is 4096m2 and has the use of 936 prims.  Each costs US$30 monthly in tier or approximately L$8,300 (depending on the LindeX of the day)

Just right click on the land and ‘buy’ for L$8,300 and that is your first month’s tier.

Also available for land swaps/trade. FairChang Coralino 3

Just tport to: FairChang Coralino 3 and buy this lovely island.  It comes with a mod/copy beach house for you to enjoy or just delete it and put up your own.

FairChang Sirena 1

or tport to FairChang Sirena 1 to see another island available for purchase.  It comes with a no transfer beach home for you to enjoy or delete and put up your own.

Remember you don’t have to be a premium member to buy in FairChang,  Come join us in this wonderful sailing community!  We have 41 attached regions for you to enjoy your boating, ballooning and we have 6 regions with roads for you to enjoy with your cars or bikes.

Monthly tier can be paid in US$ via PayPal or L$ at one of our ATM machines.

FairChang Coralino FairChang Sirena

Any questions? Just IM Pituca FairChang or e-mail me at

Check out our complete listings for land available at

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