Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hallowe’en on FairChang

Be sure to come visit Carolyn Avro's "Favorite Things" Haunted House on FairChang Balboa. Make sure you click on everything you can and turn your radio on to hear the skeleton band play.........Have fun and Happy Halloween from Carolyn!

Carolyn Avros

Kathryn Karillion tweaked her island on FairChang Laguna for Halloween. Everyone is welcome.Use the tree tp to get around, the landing point is right by one. Be sure to set your viewer to midnight!

Hallowe'en at Wayne and Kates

Be sure to stop by Miles Beck's on FairChang Balboa and pick up your Hallowe'en cards and decorations

Becks Cards

Then tport over to the Lighthouse Store on FairChang Calypso SW and click on the SL tour sign to get the list of the top haunted places in Second Life.

Haunted Tours

While you are there pick up a Bat that will free roam your property, and also a Batty Follower to be companion. Don't laugh at the pictures of Batty and Pituca, they were taken over four years ago! hehe

Batty Follower 37

Bat 10

Come join us on our vast connected 41 region waterways. Enjoy the wonderful life on FairChang.

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