Saturday, June 20, 2009

FairChang Cays

Come savor the fine living on the FairChang Continent. Enjoy our fifty-four sims of tropical island beauty for your beach house or choose an English countryside sim to put your cottage on.

Extensive waterways dotted with private islands for you to cruise through, or own. Drive through ten sims with roads and check out the stores.

Check out our newly remodeled FairChang Cays, We have placed lovely homes for you to use on most of the parcels. These homes were created by the very talented Talya Barzane of 13th Floor Creations.

FairChang Cays has two 1024m² parcels with 468 prims each, L$4,500 to purchase, the tier is US$16 monthly. (First months tier is included in the purchase price).

There are eight 3072m² parcels with 1406 prims each, L$10,600 to purchanse and a monthly tier of US$36. (First months tier is included in the purchase price).

One of the parcels is 4096 m² with 1874 prims, L$12,250 to purchase and US$44 monthly tier (First months tier is included in the purchase price).

Please check our website for more listings of available property.

Come join us on FairChang one of the oldest and most stable communities in Second Life.

Any questions? Please IM me inworld, Pituca FairChang

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