Sunday, June 21, 2009

FairChang Evolution

Back in the spring of 2004 when Linden Labs decided to allow the residents of Second Life buy their own regions we bought FairChang Island and placed it next to Higbee Protaganist's Kumori and Princess Medici's Amaterasu. We formed amongst us the Oceana Archipelago. Soon we were joined by several others to form a group of over 10 islands. We were located just below the group of Sandboxes that are next to Abbotts. Later that year we bought FairChang Project, which Garth mostly used for testing.

From the very beginning we were dedicated to offering space for people to rez their boats and enjoy sailing around

We didn't decide to get into the selling of virtual land parcels until the fall of 2006 after the Linden's implemented the ability to sell land on Private Estates... prior to that only renting was possible.

We changed the name of FairChang Project to FairChang Resort and that was the start of our wonderful community. We now number over 50 regions and we continue with making our communities waterways available to all to use.

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