Wednesday, July 1, 2009

FairChang Quebrada

FairChang Quebrada is a wonderful tropical style region. Only six double prim islands in the sim, three of 4096m² and three of 6144m².

As an extra treat we have created a center island with a smoking volcano! It adds great ambiance to your tropical experience.

FairChang has two islands offered for sale at the moment, FairChang Quebrada 4 and FairChang Quebrada 5. Each are 6144m² and have the use of 2812 prims. You can purchase one for L$18,900 which includes the first month's tier. The monthly tier is US$68.

Easy to buy! No need to IM anyone, just right click on the land and choose 'Buy' from the pie. And of course this is covered by our seven day return policy.

No hidden costs.

When you buy the parcel, the For Sale sign with send you a notecard on how to pay tiers and then delete itself. Paying tier is easy and can be paid in L$ at one of our three ATMs or paid in US$ vial PayPal. Please visit for more details.

Just tport to the volcano and begin to enjoy all that is FairChang Quebrada.

Any questions? Just IM me Pituca FairChang or send me an e-mail at

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