Friday, July 24, 2009

SLCC 2009

We are excited about the upcoming SLCC 2009 in San Francisco .We plan on driving up. It is only a little over 400 miles. We will take two days driving up and two driving back so we plan on being gone for a week. Of course our laptops and netbooks go with us so we will be in continuous touch with SL. Garth has managed to make the car into a mobile wireless spot!

We will probably stay here on the way up. We found this neat inexpensive motel a couple of years ago and usually take our break there.

We will not be staying at the The Westin St. Francis, we will stay at the Best Western Americania. We discovered it a few years ago as a centrally located and relatively inexpensive (for San Franciso) hotel.

Who all is going? I am looking forward to seeing some of you again and meeting some new residents also. If you see this fellow tooling around the Convention, stop and say hi as it is Garth!

Chat to you later, Pituca

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