Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Public Works Projects

We have a Public Works Project now in FairChang! We are setting about to beautify our mini-continent. The first project was in the center of FairChang Caleta.

We took the center island off the market and it has been converted into a lovely little atoll with trees and a dock to enhance the view and for your boating pleasure.

Next on the list is FairChang Cabos, plans are to start on it today. We are working hard to upgrade the FairChang mini-continent for your pleasure. Help us to keep it strong and vital by telling your friends to come and join us in this great community.

There are five parcels available in Caleta, each is 4096m2 with a double prim allowance of 1874. L$12,250 to move in and the next tier is not due till a month after purchase. The tier is US$44 monthly via PayPal or you can pay the equivalent in L$ at one of our two ATMs.

No hidden fees, no upfront charges just right click on the land and choose 'Buy Land' to pay the first month's tier. Remember this only applies to the parcels for sale by Pituca FairChang.

Please check for listings to all the properties we currently have for sale.

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  1. Are there any plan to fill the 'holes' in the continent?