Wednesday, October 7, 2009

FairChang Balboa

Come shopping at FairChang! Today we are highlighting the FairChang Balboa sim and the very successful business of Miles Beck.

Appropriately named `BECK'S CARDS, INVITATIONS & GIFTS' all Beck's greeting cards come in card-rezzing envelopes. With Beck's PERSONALIZED cards and PHOTO cards, the names are printed on the card and envelope. These are cards that will be remembered!
Miles opened his store in November 2007 as a small shop specializing in personalized Christmas stockings. Since January 2008, Beck's has been located in FairChang Balboa, which provides an ideal setting for enjoyable shopping.
Personalization has continued to be the store's specialty with a variety of greeting cards, invitations, and the Christmas stockings that started it all! Beck's also offers scripted cards, gifts, and easy-to-use gift boxes. All personalized items are guaranteed to be delivered promptly.

You can reach Miles Beck by IM, with a notecard, or an email to

Check out the parcel we have for sale in FairChang Balboa. It is an urban Commercial sim with infrastructure in. Remember the purchase price includes the first month's tier. No upfront fees and no hidden costs.

Tiers can be paid in US$ via PayPal or in L$ at one of our ATMs.

FairChang Balboa 5 is 4096m²with a 936 prim allowance. The monthly tier is US$27 and can be purchased for L$7,500.

FairChang Balboa 6, FairChang Balboa 8 and FairChang Balboa 15 are each 2048m², with a 468 prim allowance, the monthly tier is US$16 and can be purchased for L$4,500.

FairChang Balboa 7 and FairChang Balboa 11 are 3072m² with a 703 prim allowance. The monthly tier is US$21 and can be purchased for L$5,850.

Please see for more listings on our FairChang continent. 50 sims dedicated to residential and 7 commercial sims. You are bound to find something to your taste. If you have any questions please IM Pituca FairChang or send me an e-mail at

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